16 04, 2018


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You have helped to strengthen and resource men and women who provide pastoral oversight, leadership and vision to a network of churches across Nepal. Your sacrifice and kind-heartedness are helping to build relational and missional bridges in the Czech Republic that will reach a predominantly secular and post-Christian population with the gospel. Thank you so very much!

19 04, 2017


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I’ve just returned from a ten-day visit to Egypt. I was invited by my friend, Yani Mafdy, to teach at the Tyrannus Missionary School outside of Cairo. The school’s mission is to equip and train Egyptian and Sudanese national evangelists and church planters to proclaim the gospel to unreached peoples across North Africa.

17 01, 2016


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Each December as the final days of the year wind down, I take time to look back on the previous year and think about the year ahead. I recount with joy and gratitude the opportunities God opened before BrookLink during 2015. Included among these...

27 12, 2015


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In two weeks time I will be traveling to Hindustan Bible Institute (HBI) in Chennai, India. Recently Chennai underwent record rainfalls resulting in massive flooding across this populated urban area, and the Bible Institute was no exception! Despite these challenges, our friends at HBI are insisting we come to teach and train eager young men and women preparing for ministry.

11 11, 2015


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I remember the day well—July 20, 1969. As a fourteen-year old my eyes were glued to a flickering black and white television set. Late that evening, astronaut Neil Armstrong planted his foot in another world and uttered those now famous words, “That’s one small step for man, one GIANT LEAP for mankind.”

23 06, 2015


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On June 15, 2015 the evangelical world mourned. Elisabeth Elliot, one of the most influential Christian women during my lifetime, passed away. Elliot was a wise mentor to many, a passionate spiritual writer and a towering model of an obedient follower of Christ. Several of her books are on my shelf. Terry and I remember listening to her inspiring story at an Inter-Varsity Urbana Missionary Conference in 1976.

16 04, 2015


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About 15 years ago I had the privilege of meeting Dr. Nabeel Jabbour at a missions conference in one of our local churches in the Milwaukee area. I was immediately struck by his personal humility, compassion for Muslim people and godly demeanor.

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