1 11, 2017


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I had departed Wisconsin on a lingering summer day in early October, and returned to a blustery fall day just a handful of weeks later.  The usually long transition, from a summer to a fall mentality, happened this year in a matter of moments.  As I drew in a few breaths of crisp air and admired the changing color of the leaves on the trees, my posture turned to one of gratitude.

4 10, 2017


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My father taught all of us three basic principles of sailing. The first was: sailing is all about dependency. All the training, effort and experience will do little good if there is no wind. Likewise, spiritual growth is not guaranteed through following techniques or gimmicks, but through daily and conscious reliance and dependence upon the ‘wind’ of God’s Spirit.

14 04, 2014


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Last month I spent 2 weeks in Sichuan Province serving with China Partner. Founded in 1989, China Partner works alongside the “registered churches” of China to train and equip pastors and church leaders to fulfill the Great Commission. It was a privilege to serve with China Partner’s President, Erik Burklin, as well as his sister Linda Pervenecki and translator Teh-An ‘Daniel’ Hsu.

2 03, 2014


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On Thursday, our teaching team boarded the train and took a 2.5-hour train ride from Dazhou to Chengdu. Chengdu is a city of 14 million people and serves as one of the larger cities in Sichuan Province. We arrived in the city, checked into a hotel, and that same afternoon met with the President of the Sichuan Christian Council,...

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