23 02, 2020


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Jesus predicted it 2000 years ago, and he’s doing it. In our generation and in many parts of the world, the Church of Christ is growing at unprecedented rates. And at BrookLink we get to be part of that story. What a privilege! Next month Jan Ryder and Leslie Osborne will be training 40+ children’s workers for the Kale Heywet Church in Ethiopia. We are currently halfway through a three-year commitment to equip leaders in the Ethiopian church.

25 09, 2018


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Did you know that Armenia is a landlocked Christian country in the Middle East surrounded by non-Christian neighbors? This summer while in Armenia, we were thanking the Lord for the 350 pastors and church leaders from different denominational traditions that we were privileged to train and equip.

15 08, 2018


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BrookLink’s first opportunity to equip, teach and encourage Armenian believers happened this summer. Women’s conference meetings and leader’s training took place. Here is what Stephen and Rozik Kashian, the founders of Armenian Relief Mission, had to say about BrookLink’s ministry.

21 05, 2018


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Next month, for the first time, I am traveling to Yerevan, Armenia. The opportunity to train and teach Christian leaders in this part of the world is both humbling and astounding. I’d like you to meet my friends, Stephen and Rozik Kashian. I met this amazing couple in 2013 and learned of their medical outreach ministry in their home country of Armenia.

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