Whoever can be trusted with small things can also be trusted with big things.  ~  Luke 16:10

Dear Friends,

As we read scripture, we know that little books like Ruth and Jonah send some big messages about God’s inclusive love and good will for humanity.  We’re all dreaming big for transformation, whether it’s personal, communal, or global.  Experience tells us that to make big dreams happen, our planning may start small.  Recently, Terry and I had the privilege of serving Romanian pastors and their wives.  I’d like to tell you about Pastor Florin.  A man with big dreams, he understands what it means to start small.

BrookLink accepted the invitation to train church leaders in the Transylvania area of Romania.  To give you some context about the church in Romania, 40 years ago there weren’t many believers.  It was hard and dangerous to share the gospel, let alone for congregations to gather publicly.  Tenacity and hope in a big God kept doors open as missionaries quietly crossed physical and cultural borders.  Starting small and sharing Christ with one or two people, faithful believers spread the good news.  Today, about 6% of the Romanian population are known to be Protestant.

I met Florin at a small rural church service where I preached on the story of Zacchaeus from Luke 19:1-10.   Florin is a bright, hard-working, thoughtful pastor overseeing this 25-member church.  He has also planted 15 churches and has no plans to slow down!  Naturally inquisitive, Florin’s eyes lit up when we discussed disciple-making movements.  As I explained how BrookLink equips and empowers such movements, his body language spoke volumes, too.  He leaned out from his chair, listened intently, then speaking with his excited arms, he exclaimed, “That is what we want to do in Romania!  How do we grow from being small churches to become a disciple-making movement?” 

Your generous support helps pastors like Florin in Romania.  He is dreaming of his churches growing into a disciple-making movement.  

Thank you for your prayers for Terry and me while we taught in Romania.  

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Your support and prayers for such a time as this are deeply appreciated.  Will you prayerfully consider making a gift today?  Our year-end goal is to raise $300,000 by December 31, 2023.

I preached at Golgotha Baptist Church.  It was amazing seeing how the church is growing in Romania!

Lord willing, Florin’s big dreams for the Romanian church will come true.  Realistically-speaking, like Nehemiah when he managed a post-exilic movement, Florin needs a plan full of small steps.  With investment and prayer, his small steps will create a movement of disciples beyond his wildest dreams.  Like you, I sometimes feel overwhelmed at how stretching this season is.  I realize how important it is to shift my focus from holiday deadlines to people like Florin.  Two generations ago, it was dangerous to talk about Jesus in his home country.  It took demonstrating against an oppressive regime to gain their freedom to worship publicly.

Now, Florin boldly envisions a spiritual revolution that YOU can support.  We’re in the final stretch of 2023 where we raise our funding for next year.  Florin hopes BrookLink can return to help him and his pastors who share big dreams.  BrookLink has invitations to return to SE Asia, Uganda, Rwanda, and Singapore in 2024.  We have new invitations to Liberia and Vietnam.  Our year-end need is $300,000.  Would you give a financial gift to BrookLink, knowing your investment will help future generations in Romania and around the world?

Thank you so much for your support and prayers.  We love you and we appreciate you!

Every blessing this Christmas season,

C. Lee Heyward, Founder & CEO

Together, let’s dream big like Pastor Florin, taking small steps and growing deep with the Lord!