Dear Friends,

The scent of fresh, mown grass clippings are replaced by burning leaves and pumpkin spice lattes as Fall envelopes us. School schedules and fall sports keep households hopping as we give thanks for your continued support. Thank you for praying for my recent whirlwind trip to Africa and Singapore. As
much as I enjoy teaching, I welcomed being a student again. Leaders of disciple-making movements taught me that excitement over God’s Word never ends. Their earnest gratitude reminds me that none of us can outlearn truths from the Lord. Relying not on our own understanding, but on God’s understanding, infuses hopefulness in a world where so many struggle with hopelessness. Take heart, Jesus commands us, because He has overcome the world!

Indeed, I took heart as God allowed me, through your generosity, to cross paths again with Ugandan pastors like Pastor Frederick. Pastor Frederick holds an influential position as a Ugandan leader. It was he who convened last year’s gathering and he was challenged to take discipleship more seriously among
the Anglican clergy who serve under his direction. When I arrived this year Frederick was the first to greet me and welcome me back. At the conclusion of these recent days of training, he was genuinely moved, and said, “Your Biblical insights have opened our eyes and we are motivated to do more to make
disciples of the nations. Thank you!”

Your investments of prayer and giving support disciple-making leaders in Uganda.

Then accompanied by Pastor Esayas, we flew to Rwanda to meet disciple-making leaders like Pr. Nathan Muhutu in Kigali, Rwanda. Nathan serves as General Secretary of the Anglican Church of Rwanda. He is responsible for Evangelism and Mission across the entire country. Teaching from the Book of Acts on
Missional Discipleship, Nathan’s enthusiasm for learning brand new insights encouraged me deeply.  My first trip to Rwanda was immensely satisfying, and discussions are already underway for BrookLink to return.

A godly man with an infectious smile, enjoy Rwandan Pastor Nathan’s testimony of enthusiastic thanksgiving.

Rwandan disciple-making leaders praising our great God!

My first trip to Singapore was equally satisfying as TJ Addington and I attended the Intentional DiscipleMaking Church Leadership Roundtable. Led by Dr. Edmond Chan, I learned that the church in the Far East is ripe for harvest. We met with 23 disciple-making leaders from all over that region, to strategically and intentionally labor to fulfill Jesus’ command to “make disciples.” Partnering with movement leaders is “the name of the game” these days, and the opportunity to build new friendships with these leaders was extraordinary!

Dr. Edmond Chan invited BrookLink to Singapore, and it was delightful engaging with him in person.  Pictured in downtown Singapore is their  national symbol, “The Merlion,” a half lion, half mermaid figure.

My enthusiasm and excitement about what God is doing around the world is indescribable. Both in the ministry and the marketplace, God is raising up legions of disciples who are making disciples, who love Jesus, and who are reaching the nations with the gospel. You are a part of this great movement. Through your partnership and support BrookLink is being fueled to ‘move’ with and within these movements. Thank you so much!

Every blessing,

C. Lee Heyward, Founder & CEO

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