Dear Friends,

A few months ago, RVs hit the roads of Wisconsin.  A few days ago, the sight of a school bus reminded me that we are in the back-to-school season.  As a parent and grandparent, this welcomed sight reminds me of the important of education and training in shaping young, impressionable minds.

Just as students embark on a new academic year, we at BrookLink are steadfast in our commitment to training leaders through biblical teaching and practical life skills.  In this season, we recognize the immense need for knowledgeable and compassionate leaders who can guide others on the path of faith.

Our programs provide the tools and insights to navigate the challenges of our strange new world, while staying grounded in the timeless teachings of the Bible.  This back-to-school season, let’s remember that spiritual maturity and growing in faith is a lifelong journey.

Your prayers are vital as I am heading to two countries in Africa this month. Would you please pray for me as I return and engage with disciple-making movement leaders I trained last August in Uganda.  I challenged them to consider what disciplemaking looks like in their own contexts, with their familiar flocks, in order to open wide the doors for the Holy Spirit to impact their communities.  I am excited to learn how they have grown and embraced this challenge!  With my dear friend, Pastor Esayas Ersabo, we then head to Rwanda for the first time to begin the same training with a new network of church leaders.  I look forward to engaging with these new leaders and speaking into their contexts.

Tune in as Lee shares an important update and prayer requests.

On the evening I finish in Rwanda, I hop aboard a plane bound for a “new” destination – Singapore – with my friend and colleague, TJ Addington.  You may recall being introduced to TJ last month when I shared his important involvement in our Canada Summit.  With TJ, we will engage with disciple-making movement leaders from across the Far East, and it promises to be a meaningful time of connections and learning.

Last weekend, our staff and board fleshed out the next 10 years for BrookLink.  Our future is full of hope that is real because of the promises of our great God, whose desire for the nations is intense and unyielding.  Stay tuned as we begin to share some of the initiatives BrookLink will be taking as this ministry grows and continues to flourish. Thank you also for your support and prayers!

Lee leads the board and staff in morning devotions before board member Dennis Backhaus led everyone through robust conversations about BrookLink’s promising future.  We’re excited to share that vision with you in the coming months!

In a world hungry for guidance and wisdom, we must stand committed to influencing and empowering leaders through biblical training. Our mission echoes the Lord’s call to gather more workers for His bountiful harvest, just as He sent out seventy-two to spread His Word.  Seeing the generational impact of strong, compassionate, and knowledgeable leaders who can effectively sow the seeds of God’s love and teachings inspires me each day.

Let us heed the Lord’s call together and cultivate a rich harvest of transformed lives.

Every blessing,

C. Lee Heyward, Founder & CEO

Your prayers for Lee as he travels are deeply appreciated.  Please print this prayer calendar and keep in your car, at your dining room table, or wherever you talk with the Lord to keep up with his prayer requests and travels daily.  Thank you so much, dear friends.