Dear Friends,

At BrookLink, discipleship is at the heart of everything we do.  So, what is discipleship exactly and what does it mean to “make” disciples?  In a nutshell, discipleship is not merely sharing the gospel with someone.  It’s not about putting a select group in a small gathering, calling it discipleship, and slightly increasing their Biblical knowledge, either.  Discipleship IS about inviting individuals to follow the Master, learn from Him, and obey Him in all ways.  Discipleship IS teaching people to give attention to His work and attributes until they reflect Him fully.  

Since 2009, we’ve been invited into disciple making movements around the globe, empowering church leaders to make disciples in their own contexts.  What a privilege you and I share as BrookLink serves leaders in these contextualized opportunities!

Friends, we are so grateful to each and every one of you who supports BrookLink on this journey to equip disciple-making leaders across the world.  Your ongoing support plays a vital role in fulfilling our mission to provide critical Biblical training and create long-term impact worldwide for the global church.  There is still time to invest in our midyear campaign and to join The Link, our special group of monthly supporters.  Feel free to go directly to our website to set up your gift at Your gift, no matter how small, makes a big impact! We are so grateful for your support and prayers.

Last month, BrookLink team members Dan and Lynne Green were hard at work training Ukraine refugees and seminary students in the Czech RepublicUpon returning, they had this powerful testimony to share: I don’t know how [this trip] could have gone better In God’s timing, I ‘happened’ to attend a church service during which a conflict between the pastor and an elder occurred.  Thankfully, I was able to consult with the pastor several times and both the pastor and elder were able to address the issue peacefully. The elder apologized and both reported increased understanding and unityA God thing for sure.” 

Listen to stories from the field in the Czech Republic.  These student seminary testimonies are only possible because of your unwavering dedication to biblical discipleship and training.  Thank you!

We’re thrilled to witness God at work in the lives of Dan, Lynne, and their students. These testimonials are just a glimpse of the impact they’ve made in the CZ over the past 20 years.  Please continue to pray for the students as they continue in their ministry following their training. Pray for a fruitful season of church unity and growth in the Czech Republic as a result of their efforts.

Thank you for praying for our Canada Summit!   At the Summit, our time was spent dialoguing, discussing, and praying about BrookLink’s next ten years.  The work has just begun as we plan for our next season at BrookLink.  Stay tuned as we chart the course for BrookLink‘s future endeavors for the global church. Great things are percolating, thanks to the Lord.  Pray with us to know His heart.

Every blessing,

C. Lee Heyward, Founder & CEO

I was so grateful to be surrounded by the awe-inspiring beauty of the Canadian Rockies with my band of brothers in Christ, Ian Lawson, TJ Addington, and Keith Doyle.