“I lift up my eyes to the mountains – where does my help come from?  My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.” ~ Psalm 121:1-2

Dear Friends,

This verse serves me well, and no doubt, it also serves you.  I love how this verse points my focus upward, not just to behold splendid hilltops, but to fix my gaze on my Helper.  The Psalms are rich with provocative imagery, descriptions, and emotions.  As the end of 2022 is finishing, I’ve been thinking about the theme of “ascent,” which is prevalent in Psalms 120-134.  I can identify with the psalmist starting at a low point, then progressing into gratitude and hope, then concluding at a high point through trusting in God’s goodness.  We contend with obstacles just like the psalmist.  Just like the psalmist, we trust in our Maker, who guides us to learn, serve, and share.

Can you imagine waking up with no access to water in your own home?  That happened recently to our staff member, Lindsey.  A water test initiated by her neighbor showed that bacteria was present in their shared well, and their well needed to be “shocked” to kill any harmful germs.  This meant that they could not run any water for 24 hours.  “It was a huge hassle, but knowing it was temporary helped to ease our frustrations.”  It is indeed a huge hassle when you can’t access something so accessible and simple like water.  But that is just what life is like for pastors in the Majority World who have no access to biblical training.  Sadly, their predicament is not temporary.

You are the link to help them. Your generosity can saturate their parched longing for deeper bible outfitting.

Our “30 Days of Giving” campaign is well underway and because of you, 8% of the match has been met! You still have the chance to climb on board with a generous group of donors who has offered a $110,000 match. You can make twice the impact with your gift in the month of November. With your generosity, our skilled trainers accept invitations to equip Christian leaders in customized ways. Because of you, we discover the needs of leaders globally to outfit them to impact their communities locally.


Ian Lawson and Jeremy Light, who was part of Ian’s pastoral staff in Canada, recently returned from doing just that in Soddo, Ethiopia. They were privileged to outfit 100 pastors to discover Holy Spirit dependence. From seeds planted 100 years ago, the Kale Heywet Church thrives in the hands of national church leaders. Every Sunday across Ethiopia there are 10 million KHC believers gathering in 10,000 churches!

“Seeing the exponential growth of just this one denomination in a country where a cease fire has finally been reached, it is reassuring that nothing stands in the way of Jesus building His Church,” added Ian.

I invite you to visit our YouTube channel to listen to this young Ethiopian pastor share how your generosity impacts his youth ministry.  Visit to hear his story and more.

Ian also expressed his deep joy to meet two of his former students, Elias and Yohannes.  “They were in my class in 2008.  Yohannes is pastoring a church of more than 1,000, and Elias is now a General Secretary, giving oversight to 25 churches in his district.”

Taking time to pray during one of Jeremy’s classes, Ethiopian pastors are so thankful for your generosity.

I am looking upward as 2023 looms on our horizons, trusting God to help and provide
.  With great anticipation, BrookLink will conduct virtual training for pastors in China in January, as well as equip church leaders and preach in 4 cities in North and South India in March.

Like a cliffhanger at the end of a good story, I am excited to share about my trip to South Asia in the coming weeks!  Stay tuned, my friends.

With love and appreciation,

C. Lee Heyward, Founder & CEO

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