Dear Friends,

One of the things I love about September is welcoming fall.  Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate so many things about summer like baseball, warm Midwest temps, and bike rides with my family.  But there’s something about the change in seasons that resonates with me.  Putting on a sweater or jacket I haven’t been able to wear for months is like revisiting a friend I haven’t seen in a long time.  That’s what it felt like being back in Uganda last month.  I returned to Kampala at the request of my friend, Esayas Ersabo, to train an eager group of Anglican pastors.  Teaching again in these familiar contexts fits me like a glove.

Serving a very responsive group of Ugandan pastors was invigorating, to say the least.  They graciously welcomed me and my travelling companion, long time BrookLink friend, Jim Kieckhaefer, as we dove into the book of Acts together.  We covered such important topics like the Kingdom of God, how to live in mission, how to bring a missional mindset to ministry and God’s ultimate purpose for us.  I felt it important to provide very practical insights regarding leadership in the church.  Apparently the principles taught had such an impact, they immediately asked BrookLink to return for the next two years to help them build a vision for missional discipleship.  I am thrilled!

“Being on this BrookLink trip with Lee was extraordinary,” shares Jim.  “It was like a having a front-row, up close seat to view the global church and its workers.  Missions is no longer just something you see in church periodically, but rather it is the heartbeat of the church of Jesus Christ.  It was truly one of the most memorable weeks of my life.”    

Jim continues his sharing, “One of the highlights I experienced was joining the Ugandan pastors in their native worship.  During these times, I was deeply convicted that regardless of our nationality, gender or color of our skin, we are all truly brothers and sisters in Christ.”   

“Through my observations at the conference,” says Jim, “I recognized the sacrifices these pastors make, and the risks that they take in order to preach the gospel.  I know that my appreciation for pastors and missionaries has grown significantly from this trip.” 

We grieve the loss of our dear friend, pastor and mentor, Stuart Briscoe.  His legacy is rich, and thankfully, his impact will live on through his writings, sermons, and wonderful insights.  Elmbrook’s Jake Leigh interviewed Stuart for the podcast, “What in the World.”  In this episode, “Finishing Well: A Final Interview with Stuart Briscoe,” Stuart talked about the global church.  He mentions Terry and me, along with the work of BrookLink.  I encourage you to listen to his insights on this Apple podcast:

My staff and I are so excited to host our Windows to the World event on Sunday, October 23rd at Meadowbrook Church in Wauwatosa.  Our featured speaker is Esayas Ersabo from Ethiopia, so please join us for this exciting evening from 6:00-7:30 pm.  We will share what’s on the horizon for BrookLink and how your involvement continues to impact lives.

Your generous support and prayers are deeply appreciated, and I look forward to seeing you at Windows to the World!

Every blessing,