Jesus said to him, “Have you believed because you have seen me? Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”  ~ John 20:29

Dear Friends,

After a diet of Zoom meetings for 16 months, I’m so thankful that my menu options are changing. In July I was able to finally return to Milwaukee to undertake my role with BrookLink in person! Like the rest of the world, we have learned the benefits of Zoom, and other such technology.  But there is no substitute for interacting in person, face to face. God created us for live human interaction. He also created us for fellowship with Him. John 20:29 affirms His blessing on us who believe without seeing Him in the flesh. That verse also offers a deeper appreciation for how wonderful it will be to actually be with Jesus face to face.

Your amazing support enables us to continue contact with BrookLink partners.  We are deeply grateful for you.  Because of you, our Pakistani church leaders continue to provide life-changing support to their flocks. Because of you, eager Indian seminary students continue their training using technical equipment provided by your generosity.  Because of you, children can still tune into YouTube for Bible lessons in Turkish.  Because of you, we hosted a live Zoom prayer meeting with BrookLink partners (and look forward to hosting another one this fall).  And because of you, our hungry partners are looking forward to feasting on a healthy diet of in-person training with our facilitators.  Thank you so very much!

You were generous to provide help for pastors in Mali.  After two years, Ebenezer International resumed their in-person training.  Earlier this month, students from Mali, Guinea and Togo learned the Biblical basis of missions, Islamics, chronological Bible storying as well as exposure to various unreached people groups.  Two participants were relatively new converts, for which our partner is very thankful.  Looking for God’s call in their missional lives is delightful as they learn together in the photo below.

Please join us in prayer that Lee and Ian will be able to teach together in Ethiopia in early December.  Our long-time partner, Kale Heywet Church, is eager to have us fulfill their invitation to equip, empower and release their pastors throughout a nation that desperately needs God’s grace.  You better believe we are thrilled to have such an opportunity, and none of it would be possible without you!  This photo of their pastors was taken about four years ago during one of BrookLink’s training.  We long for a more updated photo taken by Lee in person.

Lee’s days serving as Elmbrook Church’s Lead Pastor are numbered as their search for a permanent Lead Pastor is in full swing.  Some of you may know that Stuart and Jill Briscoe were highly instrumental in the growth of Elmbrook decades ago.  Stuart has also been a big fan of BrookLink since 2009, and his encouraging words continue to speak volumes, “Inadequate resources willingly offered and divinely empowered by an adequate God will always accomplish divine ends.”  Stuart and Jill are still going strong, yearning to finish well as God leads them.  They recently spoke about this very topic during a Care Event hosted by Elmbrook.  We invite you to tune into their words of wisdom by clicking on the video below.

Your prayers mean the world to us, and we can’t do anything without Christ.  Please pray for doors to open for BrookLink to share God’s Word and that traveling will be less restrictive.  Thanks very much.



PS  Lord willing, I look forward to being with you on September 26th for Pastor Tariq’s sermon at Meadowbrook Church in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.

Stay tuned – we’re hosting another Zoom prayer gathering on Saturday morning, October 23rd.  Details to follow!