But to all who did receive Him, who believed in His name, He gave the right to become children of God.” 

~ John 1:12

Dear Friends,

Father’s Day is around the corner, but in Heaven, every day is Father’s Day.  You’re longing for home where you’ll finally get to see the Father face to face.  You won’t see through a mirror dimly anymore, and you’ll understand fully what it means to be known by the God who made you.  Imagine seeing your name etched in His hands and being quieted by His fatherly love without end.  Now, that is a celebration you can really look forward to!  I know I am, but until we’ll get to celebrate Father’s Day every day, He’s given us a glorious challenge – to bring others home.  Quite simply, the world needs the Father.

Without question, God longs to reconcile men, women and children to Himself, and He never stops drawing them to Himself.  He builds His church through you and me, and by God’s grace, BrookLink goes where we are called to strengthen churches and gospel movements by equipping, empowering and releasing leaders.

Dick Laabs, a BrookLink Board Member, believes that God has great things in store for BrookLink.  Serving in ministry for over 30 years, Dick’s unique perspective is appreciated. He shared in a recent Zoom call with Lindsey and me that “The best is yet to be.  God has been faithful to this ministry for over 10 years.  As our great donors continue to support this mission, the possibilities to impact the kingdom are amazing.” 

Watch as Dick Laabs shares encouraging insights about BrookLink’s future in this recent Zoom call video.

Translation of the Ethiopian children’s prayer book continues to move forward.  Petros, one of our global partners with the Kale Heywet Church, reports that the quality of the Amharic and Oromo translation meets spiritual needs for children of all ages, and even for the parents of these children.  The Ethiopian book translation project brings its servants great joy.  Translation is a team effort as these faithful workers cheerfully translate into Amharic, then into Oromo.

You may recall the webinar that BrookLink facilitator, Dr. Dan Green (pictured below), provided on “Grief and Trauma” last summer. Hopeful he will resume travel to the Czech Republic where he has poured into Christian leaders for over two decades, Dan is currently recording 20 hours of lectures for the Evangelical Seminary in Prague – the “Shame and Guilt in a Christian Perspective” course.  He continues to provide consultation to two clinics in Prague, facilitates those in faith in academic and mental health roles to develop relationships, build understandings, and sharpen the impact they are having in their cultures. Pray for these clinicians as they serve as the only believer in their university department, clinic or hospital.

In addition to his own clinical practice and local church service, Dr. Green continues to provide consultation to two Christian clinics in the Czech Republic.  While he hasn’t been in country since June 2019, the work is very alive.  It is a great blessing for him to see good fruit growing after many years of planting seeds of faith.  

Facilitators, Drs. Paul and Lisa Sinclair, are diligently working on an online pastoral care training seminar for our global partners at the Hindustan Bible Institute in India.  They were invited by long-time BrookLink friend and global partner, Dr. Paul Gupta, to prepare four online sessions to include lecture, discussion and very practical exercises.  The topics cover “Why Do We Suffer,” “How to Cope in Suffering,” “How to Help Others Who Suffer,” and “What Happens When You Die.”  Messages not for the faint of heart, but especially needed for Indian pastors as the harsh reality of suffering and death is striking India particularly hard this season.  In addition to equipping Indian church leaders, Paul and Lisa have been invited to serve in Peru this fall.  Lord willing, they will teach in two contrasting settings: a very large urban city and a tribal setting in the Amazon jungle.

Between Lisa and Paul, they have nearly 100 years of ministry under their wings and have no intention of slowing down!  As facilities re-open, they look forward to resuming their prison outreach ministry in Wisconsin.

Your partnership is so very important to continue the ministry of BrookLink.  Invitations remain open for serving in Ethiopia, India, the Czech Republic, Pakistan, China, Rwanda, Uganda, Peru and Burundi.  Would you prayerfully consider how you can invest today?  Your investment makes a lasting impact and is deeply appreciated.  Please consider re-investing or making a first-time gift today.

The Father is waiting to welcome them home, and you can help them arrive there in His grip. Thank you so much for your generosity.

In Christ’s Service,


Be encouraged by Lee‘s sermon preached recently at Elmbrook Church.