The LORD will always guide you; He will satisfy you in a sun-scorched land and strengthen your frame.  You will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail.  Isaiah 58:11

Dear Faithful Friends,

Our Lord assures us that those who thirst for righteousness are blessed and will be satisfied.   Indeed, Jesus guaranteed the woman at the well that if she drank of Him, she would thirst no more.  As I read the scriptures, I am constantly reminded that in spite of the tremendous physical needs brought to Jesus, He remained faithful to point out the greatest need: reconciliation to the Father through Him.  Under the Lord’s guidance,  BrookLink is committed to teaching His Word and helping others find living hope in Jesus Christ.  Because of your generosity, BrookLink continues to offer living water to very parched souls.  Your support is continually appreciated.  Thank you so much.

Earlier this summer, your generous gifts were the answers to prayer for our faithful Brother A.  He had prayed for a way to engage all socio-economic levels with the gospel.  Because outreach to children had been limited through the effects of the pandemic quarantine, he knew he’d have to pivot his ministry outreach.  God opened a door for a virtual VBS summer camp experience.  Bible stories, art crafts, memory verses and songs were woven together virtually to make the Gospel available for over 4,000 people from Turkish, Iraqi, Iranian and Syrian refugee church communities and house fellowships.  “Praise God for this opportunity to serve Him!  Thank you for making this project available and possible for our children and their families to hear the Gospel and grow in their spiritual lives,” shares Brother A.  Although the following VBS lesson is not in English, we trust it will encourage you:

Last month, one of our facilitators, Dr. Dan Green, presented his webinar “Living Well Amongst Loss and Trauma.”  Engaged with Dan’s teaching, about 20 BrookLink partners from Ethiopia, India, Mali, Burundi and the US pressed into the living hope we have in Jesus no matter what the season holds, including a global pandemic.  “Suffering happens to everyone, but the degree of suffering is not equal.  Some of us suffer more than others on earth.  It is not easy.  But God makes Himself deeply available for you,” Dan encouraged.  One of our participants said, “This (webinar teaching) will help us train pastors in Burundi to assist many traumatized people due to war, poverty and AIDS. Thanks. God bless.”  Dan has graciously made his webinar available to all our BrookLink friends, including you.  Please contact if you’d like to view this meaningful presentation in its entirety, and she will be happy send it to you.  Dan has been invited to resume in-person teaching in the Czech Republic in the summer of 2021, and Lord willing, he will be able to do just that!

In his webinar, Dan encouraged Christians to remain hopeful in Jesus through every trial, no matter how severe, because God is faithful to His children.

Another facilitator, Pastor Paul Sinclair, was asked to present a webinar for students at Hindustan Bible Institute (HBI) in India, where academic learning has shifted completely online.  Paul taught on “Christian Spirituality.”  His teaching reached students at the Master’s level seminary who are preparing for further ministry.  “The material covered a two-pronged focus on Christian Spirituality and Historical Development of Spiritual Formation,” explains Paul.  “We discussed spirituality, as defined as the shaping of our inner character and outer conduct in cooperation with the word of the Spirit so that we are gradually conformed to the likeness of Jesus Christ.  We also looked at how the Church has spiritually developed Christ followers down through the centuries.”

During a part of his webinar lecture, Paul holds a small clay pot made by an Indian potter.

HBI also conducts weekly virtual chapel, and Lindsey and I were invited by Dr. Bobby Gupta to worship with our brothers and sisters.  Joining them during their morning service was a great way to end the day for us in time zones half a world away!

Following HBI’s virtual worship, Dr. Gupta shared encouragement from 1 Peter.  As believers, we have a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.

None of these interactions, engagements, plans and nurturing opportunities would be possible without you.  We are so grateful for you.  Proverbs 25:25 says, “Like cold water to a weary soul is Good News from a distant land.”  Be encouraged as your gifts drench parched souls to thirst no more as they turn to the One who truly satisfies.


Ian Lawson,  President

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