“But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Matthew 6:20-21

Dear Faithful Friends,

How thankful I am for opportunities for us to connect during this pandemic.  A century ago our forefathers did not have email or the internet in that global influenza, lasting three years.  Watch as Pastor Tariq Waris, one of our global partners, expresses his gratitude for your support and shares an uplifting message.

Be encouraged!
I appreciate Tariq’s sound theological thinking about our circumstances and how we may see God at work in the midst of this global crisis:

  1. God works in mysterious ways – we cannot fully understand His ways but He is at work and remains good, kind, merciful, loving, and faithful.
  2. God is sovereign – He reminds us of our human frailty, helplessness, and weakness, and of our misplaced confidence in money and technology.
  3. God is calling us – to humility and to repentance. We believe that God will use this situation to bring lost men and women to Himself, and to build His Kingdom, even if it does not make sense to us. 

This is our time to trust God and to be creative. At BrookLink we are exploring online teaching opportunities, and we are pursuing several opportunities. Next month we will meet with our global partners online to offer “Living Well Amongst Loss and Trauma.” Dan Green, one of our facilitators, will offer his expertise in this webinar. Thank you for praying for BrookLink as we adjust to the circumstances.  At our monthly facilitators zoom meeting, we shared mutual vision and enthusiasm for virtual learning possibilities.  Stay tuned for more exciting, kingdom-minded opportunities!

Facilitator Terry Heyward received an update from one of our global partners, Pastor Antuan Gurun, on the virtual VBS project that you are supporting in Turkey.  Your investment is making a big impact on kids of all ages from all walks of life.

Thank you so very much for supporting us financially, along with prayer. Your faithful, sacrificial giving allows us to assist and encourage our global partners. While we experience the effects of financial and personal challenges, the pain for our partners is multiplied many times over. May God help them, and us, to be faithful.


While “stuck” in Canada with the border closed, Ian is doing his part to support the Milwaukee economy while enjoying a ride on his Harley-Davidson.