The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever.   ~ Isaiah 40:8

Dear Friends,

You and I are in a season of tidal waves of change.  From the global pandemic to civil unrest, it is tremendously reassuring that none of this is a surprise to God.  He is still the King of kings and Lord of lords.  We believe that He knows it all, and that truth brings comfort to us who believe (Psalm 135:6; Lamentations 3:27,38).  

Your continued, faithful support in these difficult times is greatly appreciated, and you are dearly loved!

Our partners across the world report that the pandemic creates huge challenges for them and for the believers they serve.  How we long for, pray for and look forward to the day when we can be with them physically.  Even in uncertain times, you continue to walk with them and help them.  You are a blessing.  Please keep reading to learn how you bless others and for an exciting investment opportunity.

One of our partners in an undisclosed country tells of the devastating impact of COVID-19.  Churches have been unable to meet in person and so these pastors are not receiving their weekly support. Through your kind gifts, you have been able to support 222 pastors and kingdom workers in 45 cities , spread across the country. The primary purpose of a monthly financial gift of $40 during this time for each family is to enable these devoted Christian workers to buy rations or meet some other urgent need in this crisis.  May the following heartfelt thanks from Pastors Imran and Amir (not their real names) encourage you: 

“With no income available through church meetings and family visits, having enough food to survive has been the key challenge in these last months. With your support my worry about food for my family disappeared. I no longer had to stress about that daily need. I was able to buy basic food items for my family which consists of my wife, three children, my mother and my unmarried sister living with us. This has been the key help.” 

“Your support has been of great benefit to me in a time of crisis.  In addition to using it for my own family needs, I was also able to buy fuel for my motorcycle and sometimes pay for using a rickshaw to visit some very needy and poor people.  I visited and prayed for people who wanted to commit suicide because of hunger.  I encouraged and prayed for them quoting Isaiah 35:3 to them. I was able to help resolve conflicts within husbands and wives who were simply frustrated because of no work and hence nothing to eat.

BrookLink is not a relief agency, but in these dire circumstances there is compulsion to help as God leads.  Such tangible assistance is a life-affirming way you reinforce the training ministry that you have nurtured in the past and can continue in the future.  

Perhaps your church’s summer VBS program has shifted to an online platform.  Our partner in Turkey is facing the same situation.  Unlike many of our American churches, he does not have the means to adequately teach God’s Word in a virtual setting.  Our brother needs your help to purchase video equipment, software and production sets.  You can make a difference in this wonderful outreach opportunity. Your gift will impact thousands of children and their families.  They will produce 60 minutes of monthly camp-oriented video programming for 6 months for children and twelve 30 minute adult discipleship materials.  All this will be achieved for a budgeted amount of $10,000.  We’ve seen that the chaos surrounding COVID-19 has equalized us all in some way; this virtual camp will reach kids in every socio-economic eventuality, a vision our partner has been praying for!  

There are other possibilities to help our partners in India and Ethiopia.  We are careful to vet their requests so that your gifts are stewarded appropriately.  BrookLink facilitators are preparing coursework to potentially be launched digitally.  

Your partnership continues to be vitally important in furthering God’s kingdom, and we are humbled that you invest through BrookLink.  Lives are being transformed in ways we see, and in ways that we will see on the other side of glory.  We know that God owns the cattle on a thousand hills, and yet, He expects our generosity.  He knows that our hearts are connected to our treasures.  He understands that we deeply desire for our lives to matter, for our earnings to play a part in His work.  And what an amazing God we serve who lets us give back to Him, as He generously provides!  He provides us with the blessing that when payday arrives, we have some satisfaction knowing that the hours we put in at the office can save a starving family, physically and spiritually.  You are empowered by releasing your gift to equip others as socio-economic distances are minimized.  You are needed.  Your help is needed, and we are asking you to give generously at this time

As of June 10th, BrookLink has raised just 21% of its annual budget.   

Your investment makes a huge difference.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, sustaining partners, for your continual giving to the mission of BrookLink. 

For you who may not have given financially to our brethren for a season, consider re-investing for these wonderful, unique opportunities God is providing.  We are so grateful.

Maybe investing financially in our BrookLink friends is a brand-new thing for you…we’ve been there, and we sure don’t regret jumping on board!  Your support is deeply appreciated.  

While we strategize about how to continue our mission during COVID-19, Lee gives creative energy to fulfilling our mission at home.  Please pray for him in these challenging times as he fulfills God’s calling at Elmbrook Church.

Thank you, friends.  Your faithfulness to Christ and to the ministry of BrookLink is amazing.  When I took on the role of President, none of us could grasp the challenges we would all face.  But in the midst of this season, God remains faithful.  Thank You for praying for BrookLink.  Thank you for giving to BrookLink.