Dear Friends,

Jesus predicted it 2000 years ago, and he’s doing it. In our generation and in many parts of the world, the Church of Christ is growing at unprecedented rates.

And at BrookLink we get to be part of that story. What a privilege!

“I will build my Church” – Jesus

Matthew 16:18

Next month Jan Ryder and Leslie Osborne will be training 40+ children’s workers for the Kale Heywet Church in Ethiopia. We are currently halfway through a three-year commitment to equip leaders in the Ethiopian church. This remarkable church is experiencing a remarkable disciple-making movement, especially in southern Ethiopia.

Also in March Lee and I will attend a conference on “Disciple-Making Movements.” This term is used among missiologists to describe a rapid and exponential increase in disciples making disciples. Technically it becomes a movement when it spreads wide and deep to at least four generations and beyond. Such movements are happening in several of the places where BrookLink works.

In May, Lee and Terry will be in Armenia again to train pastors and church leaders. They will spend a week at the foot of Mount Ararat, the very mountain where Noah’s Ark purportedly landed after the flood. Church leaders will come from churches across Armenia, Syria and Iran. Many of the pastors who will attend face regularly the threat of violence, persecution or even death. The country of Armenia is the oldest Christian civilization in the world. It is a landlocked country and surrounded by Islamic countries on every side.  Despite persecution the church of Christ is growing in remarkable ways.

Please pray with us and for us, as we embark on these and other pending 2020 opportunities to strengthen churches and gospel movements through leaders around the world. What a privilege! What a responsibility! May God help us to be faithful.

Thank you for your continued friendship and support of BrookLink’s ministry!


Ian Lawson
President, BrookLink

PS: Save the Date! BrookLink’s 11th annual “Windows to the World” event will take place Sunday, April 26 in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.  More details to follow.