A Note from Ian Lawson

Dear Friends,

As the new year (and a new decade) dawns, it thrills me to dream of what God may want to do through the ministry of BrookLink. I believe we are entering a new frontier in God’s global missionary enterprise. Training leaders is the next natural focus in those places where the national church is exploding with growth. And that is what Jesus asked us to do: “teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you” (Matthew 28:20). We, in the west, are resource-rich with the finances and trained personnel needed in much of the majority world.

First, I want to thank you for your support of BrookLink. Several of you have been faithful donors since the inception of the ministry. Thank you for standing with us over these 10 years of growth. Many others have joined our team and we are grateful for you, and for your generous support. Your gifts have made a difference for thousands of believers as we’ve strengthened nearly 6,000 church leaders in 27 countries since 2009.

Secondly, as many of you already know, Lee heard and obeyed the voice of God’s Spirit by taking on the challenge at Elmbrook Church. Like Queen Esther, he is well prepared for such a time as this. While Lee is not actively involved in the day-to-day operations of BrookLink, he remains vitally involved, continuing as a member of BrookLink’s Board. He will continue to teach at strategic opportunities in the majority world with BrookLink, albeit fewer than before.

Thirdly, I’m delighted to help my good friend, Lee Heyward, by leading the ministry, under the direction of the board and in accord with the stated mission of BrookLink. I’ve taken on the task of leading the organization, as President, and will be physically present one week every month in Milwaukee, WI. I’d love to meet all of you who consider yourselves to be “friends of BrookLink” and others whom you can point in my direction. It’s been great for me to meet many of you at various events, and I look forward to meeting more of you in the months ahead. I welcome the opportunity to meet with you personally and invite you to contact me at if you wish to do so.

Thank you for standing with us in this Kingdom enterprise. You are making a difference in the development of leaders and the maturing of churches. Philippians is a thank-you letter to the church at Philippi for their tangible support sent to the Apostle Paul. And so, with Paul, I can say: “you sent me aid more than once when I was in need. Not that I desire your gifts; what I desire is that more be credited to your account…. I have received the gifts you sent. They are a fragrant offering, an acceptable sacrifice, pleasing to God.” (Philippians 4:16-18)


Ian Lawson
President, BrookLink