Dear Friends,

I’m writing to you today to share two examples of the kind of people BrookLink serves. Some of them minister under threat of punishment or imprisonment. Some labor in the shadow of shady governments or threat of civil unrest. Some are anchors of hope in a sea of poverty. All are hungry for God’s truth, eager to learn and poised to make a difference!

You can help the needs of the global church. The seeds of the Gospel are sprouting all over the globe! The need of the global church is great—to equip, empower and encourage its leaders! And the call of the global church is loud, “Come over and help us!”  (Acts 16:9) Make a gift today to equip those eager to learn God’s truth and who are longing to influence their churches and communities.

Last month we were nearing the end of a three-day conference training church leaders in one of China’s eastern provinces. The days were full—speaking through a translator—four times each day and I was dead tired. Soon the team would be returning to our guesthouse, having supper and downloading the day.

Gathering my belongings, I looked up to see a young 20-ish Chinese woman approaching me. She was clutching a small piece of paper in both hands. As she neared, our eyes met and I couldn’t help but notice hers were welling with tears. The Chinese are honorable people and as is their custom, she bowed slightly and presented me with the piece of paper she was carrying. Timidly she said, “Thank-you,” and then hurried away. I was so touched and wanted to share with you the note she gave to me.

Upon returning to the US, I was catching up on my backlog of e-mails and noticed one from my friend Mudidi in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Pastor Mudidi has served as my translator each time I’ve traveled to his French-speaking nation. He was writing to tell me that he and his church knew of BrookLink’s recent ministry in Pakistan and China and they were praying! Mudidi included this photo in his e-mail!

In the first half of 2018, BrookLink has already accepted invitations to Nepal, Czech Republic and Armenia.

Would you consider making a gift to BrookLink before the end of 2017? Your gifts invest in the lives of “leaders of leaders” across the globe and produce a ripple effect impacting scores of churches and communities. Make a gift today!

It’s because of your financial generosity, faithful intercession and critical partnership that we can go. Thank you!

In Him,

C. Lee Heyward

PS: As you celebrate Thanksgiving, please pray for our days spent training leaders in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Your prayers are coveted as we continue to say “YES!”