Greetings from Southeast Asia!

Today we traveled 2.5 hours to the city of Faisalabad, the third largest city in Pakistan.

We toured the facilities of the Pakistan Bible Correspondence Institute. Afterward we joined Pastor Nazir and his wife Maureen, along with about 100 church leaders for afternoon meetings. I spoke twice today on the life of David from 1 Samuel 16-17.

Thanks for your prayers and support of this important series of meetings here this week.

Stay tuned for more reports throughout the week.

Every blessing,


Dear All,
Today was the first day of the Leadership Conference. Last year when we concluded this same conference, the Board of Directors sat with me and and asked if I would come again. They said they wanted to plan a conference for 2017 that would host twice as many people as they invited last year (400 people).
Imagine how excited they were when they set up 1000 seats this year and today about 90% of those seats were occupied. They are expecting more than 1200 to show up for Saturday’s sessions. Today I spoke on “Renewing Your Leadership Call” from 1 Timothy 1:1-11 and “The Leader and Prayer” from 1 Timothy 2:1-8. In the second session I challenged these leaders from the world’s fourth most persecuted country with this idea: “Where the church is led forth in prayer, the Gospel goes forth in power!”
It was a very satisfying day and one that brought great encouragement to leaders serving in a terribly difficult place. Thank you for the role you are playing in equipping and empowering church leaders serving in hard places.
For the cause that counts,




Just got in from Day #2 teaching. I spoke twice today on “The Qualifications for Leadership” and “Encouragement for Younger Leaders.” Today, they asked those who were attending the conference from outside Lahore and about 2/3 of the crowd stood. There are also many people from other denominations besides the Full Gospel Assemblies (FGA). After speaking today I had lunch with members of the FGA-Pakistan Board. They are thrilled with the response they are receiving for this year’s conference and have already invited me to come back for next year’s conference. There have been huge crowds. Tomorrow is last day. Please pray that I finish well and get off to Shanghai without incident.


Final day in SE Asia. Courage, sacrifice, counting the cost, endurance and faithfulness are just a few words that come to mind during this week. I reminded these leaders today, ‘Faithful Gospel proclamation will sometimes stir controversy! Therefore take heart!’ The sheer privilege of being called to teach and equip frontline servants committed to building Christ’s kingdom in hard places is deeply gratifying. Thanks to my team here and back home, and all those who pray and allow me to be here. Tonight BrookLink heads to China. Stay tuned for more!