JUNE 1978

My world got turned upside down! Or more likely right side up. Lee and I married on Saturday, packed a small trailer on Sunday, and began the drive from East Point, Georgia to Milwaukee, Wisconsin with all the hope and excitement two newlyweds can muster. On Tuesday we arrived in Greendale, Wisconsin and stopped at a gas station to make a call from a payphone (that’s right, there were no cell phones or GPS) to Jan Keddie—a friend of a friend who lived in Wauwatosa and would help us find our way in the new world.

Jan and I have found our lives intertwined ever since. Thirty-nine years later, we can say we have owned a business together, directed kids’ musicals, driven across the country to visit our moms, raised four kids each, and served on staff in two “Brook” churches for over 50 years combined. Whew!

A few months ago, Jan and I were invited to go to Prague, Czech Republic with the MOSTY (meaning BRIDGES) project. Lee has gone twice to consult and dream with this group about building ‘bridges’ for the Good News in Europe’s most atheistic country. Jan and I have been invited to help process and design a new program aimed at bringing interns next year to serve in the churches in Prague. Jan oversees the Mission Apprenticeship Program at Elmbrook Church in Brookfield, Wisconsin. She comes with a wealth of experience and knowledge in this area. My recent years of taking teams overseas gives me some ways to add to the discussion. We will travel under BrookLink’s banner as ‘Affiliates’ to equip, empower and release.

Jan Ryder, Terry Heyward, Jan Keddie

BrookLink is growing!

Join us in rejoicing as we see individuals added to our number. We are so glad that as the global church continues to send requests for teaching and training, the Lord is providing people to go and fill those roles.

  • Lisa Sinclair just returned from Turkey, where she had the opportunity to encourage and counsel with OM staff this June.
  • Dan Green had wide open doors for ministry in the Czech Republic with training for counselors and pastors.
  • Lee picked up the phone this week to hear, “We need you in China this Fall! Are you available?”

Thank you for helping us to keep saying a loud, resounding “YES”!


Watch this video to learn more about the MOSTY Project in Prague, Czech Republic and how BrookLink is partnering with these leaders, Tom and Tanya Clyde, to build bridges in Europe.