This year the Day of Pentecost lands on June 4th. According to Acts 2, Pentecost marked the day God equipped His church with the power of the Holy Spirit so that Christ would be glorified among the nations. In other words, Pentecost is all about mission!

The ongoing mission of the global church depends on receiving the Holy Spirit and relying on his power. The Holy Spirit’s presence is why the Book of Acts resonates with stories—of faith, obedience and courage on the part of believers, who prayed in earnest for boldness and power to make disciples of all people on earth.

The drama of God’s story continues today, and we are invited to join God as we watch HIS-STORY unfold. I shared about the changing face of God’s global mission at our annual Windows to the World event. If you’d like to listen to my talk, click here. You can also watch the new video that debuted at the event. As the global church continues to call for training and equipping to make servant leaders, we are glad to have been serving in:

  • Prague, Czech Republic: A collaborative effort with Czech, European and US church leaders to see the city of Prague transformed by the gospel.
  • Cairo, Egypt: Equipping leaders from Sudan and Egypt to plant churches across unreached Arab-speaking parts of the world.
  • Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo: Training Congolese pastors to develop and communicate Biblical sermons

To answer the call of the global church, we rely on a powerful and often unseen team of people—special friends who give regularly to our ministry. But we also recognize our need to grow this team, which is why I am making this special invitation…

I’m asking you today to prayerfully consider making a mid-year gift or becoming a monthly partner—to help us equip and empower church leaders serving in under-resourced places around the world.

Believe me, whatever you choose—your gift will encourage and strengthen pastors and the churches they lead!

Thank you for prayerfully considering becoming a BrookLink partner.

Your faithfulness and generosity will make a difference!

Every Blessing,