on Tuesday, 15 November 2016.

“Show me the way I should go, for to you I lift up my soul…teach me to do your will, for you are my God; may your good Spirit lead me on level ground.” Ps. 143:8,10

In 2008 when Terry and I launched BrookLink as a ministry, I remember well reading these words and the Spirit ‘inscribing’ them upon my heart. As we stepped out in this new direction we knew we needed the Holy Spirit to, “show us the way to go, teach us to do His will and lead us on level ground.” These words became part of our regular prayer vocabulary.

Today I am truly grateful for the way the Spirit has shown us the way when we found ourselves mystified. The things God has taught us about Himself, the global church and ourselves humble me. I’m grateful for the repeated illustrations of the Spirit leveling the ground before us.

It’s also around this time every year we are reminded of these words and pray them for us and for BrookLink. You see, every year since we began we are receiving more and more “Macedonian calls” from ministries overseas to “come over and help us.” (Acts 16:9) The need for equipping, empowering and encouraging global leaders remains high!

Already in early 2017 we have accepted invites to North Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo, Czech Republic and Pakistan. Just this week I was contacted by three leaders asking if BrookLink would come and train Syrian and Iraqi refugees who have fled to Armenia, Muslim-background believers in Ethiopia and church leaders in Romania.

The most inspiring invitations are those we are receiving from areas of the world that are considered unreached, unengaged and unevangelized. God continues to give us favor and access into this plentiful harvest field and we want to say, “Yes!”

I would like to ask you to help us say “Yes!” There are only a few weeks left in this calendar year. Would you prayerfully consider making a one time, a regular or an additional gift to BrookLink?

Every gift given between now and December 31, 2016 helps us finish our year in strong financial shape and positions us for these future opportunities. Help us say “Yes!” by making an online gift today!

Many of you have already given sacrificially and regularly to this ministry. Please accept my hearty thanks for your generosity and kindness. And please remember me in prayer this week as I conclude BrookLink’s ministry in 2016 in Prague, Czech Republic.

With Thanksgiving,