As BrookLink began in 2008, Lee and I agreed that we would continue to follow our philosophy from 25 years in ministry: “If we are asked to go, serve, or teach, and if we are available, we will say YES.” We strongly believe that the Lord is in charge of our schedules, so when the chance to return to China in October came, BrookLink agreed to join the team. A few months later that opportunity was delayed, and we understood that our partners on the ground have the best perspective to make that sort of decision. October was looking to be spent in Wisconsin, enjoying our beautiful fall season.

Then, a few weeks ago, a very strategic and unexpected invitation came for Lee to travel and serve in a country where less than 1% of the 200 million souls there claim to know and follow the Lord Jesus. Getting a visa for entering this nation has been difficult in the past, but the door was open and a visa obtained in less than a week. Lee is invited, available and has said yes! Now we are asking for your prayers as the October 9th departure day approaches. Would you consider marking your calendar and remembering BrookLink’s ministry that week? The estimates are that over 500 ministry leaders will be gathering for teaching and encouragement.

The convocation will happen at a large Bible school where Lee will also speak to the student body before preaching on Sunday. We promise to share stories of our brothers and sisters in Christ upon his return.


Do you remember when we traveled with Paul and Lisa Sinclair in Spring 2015? As ministry affiliates of BrookLink during our trip to Greece, we had the privilege to work with and among many courageous men and women. They gifted us in many ways, providing a window into the suffering and trauma that so often marks the journey of a refugee. God graciously responded to your prayers for that time.

Paul and Lisa served many years in Mali, West Africa. They have made plans to travel to Mali October 16 – 28, their first time back since 2003! It will be a three-part trip, and daughter Elisabeth, as well as Kara and Kurt, and their son Kaiden, will be with them at different points!

Lisa writes more about this amazing opportunity:

“1) Paul and I will be teaching on leadership, teams, and family life with Ebenezer International, an indigenous church planting and equipping organization. 2) Elisabeth and I will be plenary speakers at Mali’s annual women’s retreat, while Kara and kin are the worship team. 3) Paul, Kara et al, and I will travel to Kayes where we used to live, and hope to encourage local believers there. Please pray for our teaching and facilitation preparations, all the travel arrangements, our health and safety, and that the Lord would richly bless in an eternal way through our offerings. We will have the opportunity to use French, Bambara and Malinke, but do we remember anything??”

Of course, unexpected travel means unexpected costs. We thank the Lord for one church that has promised an extra gift toward our next trip. But as we look to being ready to say “yes”, we also look for gifts to keep us financially stable. Would you consider a financial gift to help us stay ready to answer the calls as they come our way?

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Thank you for believing in the global ministry of equipping, empowering and transforming of lives for His sake,