Dear Friends,

Imagine a roomful of bright, energetic and inquisitive young people, all of whom are preparing for ministry across the world’s second most populated country. While in India last month, I spent each morning with these students in their morning chapels exploring selected Psalms. I loved it!

Following the morning chapels at Hindustan Bible Institute the rest of my day was spent with these seven men and women doing a weeklong workshop on Biblical Preaching.

Each of them is either actively engaged in planting and pastoring churches or planning to go as a missionary to unreached parts of India, China or Nepal. One of these young men is a recently retired professional cricket player. Few Americans are aware that cricket is played by 120 million people across the globe, making it the second most popular sport in the world. Jonathan leads a national sports ministry using cricket as a platform to share the love of Christ with those who have never heard of Him.

Another participant was a young man named Mahesh from Nepal. I received a note from him following the workshop:

“I thank God such a great privilege given to me, I never thought I could get such a great opportunities to learnt from you. I was longing a long years back such a subject to learn and preach effective way. My previous college did not teach me, I’m truly saying it has been great help me. After attending in your wonderful teaching, I have build up confident to make sermon as well to preach with full confident. Such great teaching my people also needed please pray about it, if it is God leads you visit to Nepal too.“

God continues to raise up young nationals such as these who are eager to share Jesus in hard and sometimes costly places. And God also continues to open doors to BrookLink to influence and impact these next generation leaders in places like India!

We will press on to equip, empower and release young leaders like Jonathan and Mahesh to shine the light of Jesus in unreached places of the world. And your generous financial gifts are a large part of why we are able to do this, so thank you!


Last Friday (2/12) I was supposed to leave for Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. However, after sending my passport to Washington, DC for a visa, it never returned causing me to postpone my plan. The following days were not without angst and anxiety and I needed to be reminded repeatedly, “In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes the steps” (Prov. 16:9). Yesterday the passport showed up at my front door, so I will be off to Ethiopia by the time you read this note.

Once I arrive I’ll be serving with a team from Global Health Outreach (GHO). As part of the Christian Medical and Dental Association, GHO teams minister by providing primary care medicine and dentistry among unreached people groups across the world.

While the medical professionals are ministering to the physical needs of men, women and children, I will co-facilitate a pastoral training workshop for 70 area pastors, in whose villages these medical clinics will be taking place. We will be working in partnership with Great Commission Ministries—Ethiopia, a part of Cru.

This will be my first trip to Ethiopia and my first opportunity to partner with GHO. Throughout our two-week trip to Ethiopia, we will have many opportunities to proclaim Jesus “in word and deed,” so we covet and count on your prayers.

For those of you who are able and interested, I’ll be posting Ethiopia trip updates, when available, on our website and Facebook page. Please follow along!

Your love for Christ and His church is evident through your tangible generosity. Thank you for giving generously to BrookLink and for investing in the lives of next-generation leaders around the world.

So the Nations will know,

PS: Terry is also leading a medical team in Ghana West Africa this week. We’ll be on the same continent, but miles apart. We invite you to pray for both of us this month as we lead, love, learn and live Jesus in foreign lands.