Rather than writing my usual trip report I thought I would take a page out of David Letterman’s book and give you my “Top Ten” for the day:

#10—My alarm didn’t go off this morning so I overslept. Over-sleeping is over-rated!

#9—You can run a ceiling fan and a room air-conditioning unit simultaneously in Chennai in the winter months and still sweat profusely.

#8—When you add cardamom and coconut to cold oatmeal it still tastes like cold oatmeal.

#7—Some Indian names are really hard to pronounce, but you can really botch the pronunciation with a smile and it doesn’t matter.

#6—My Indian dinner tonight was served with a toasted cheese sandwich (and I didn’t even request it).

#5—One of the doctoral students in my class has made a five-hour round trip every day this week to participate.

#4—Nagaland, a state in NE India is 98% Christian.

#3—A student spoke with me and shared that he is doing his Master’s Thesis on contrasting the theology of Lament in the Psalms and the Prosperity Gospel.

#2—This evening during my leisurely 30-minute walk around campus, five students stopped me to ask a question and say ‘thank you.’

#1—Indian believers here have not forgotten the nations! They are praying for them and preparing to go to them!

Today I am teaching my final class and this evening I’ll begin my journey back to the States. I’m so grateful for your prayers for me this week. It’s been an exhilarating opportunity with an exceptional group of young people. Thank you for your prayers.