Dear Friends,

I remember the day well—July 20, 1969. As a fourteen-year old my eyes were glued to a flickering black and white television set. Late that evening, astronaut Neil Armstrong planted his foot in another world and uttered those now famous words, “That’s one small step for man, one GIANT LEAP for mankind.” I, along with an estimated 530 million people watched Armstrong’s image and heard his now famous statement.

NASA’s Apollo 11 mission is just one example of a ‘LEAP’ forward in history, and there have been many! Another leap occurred during the 1stCentury when a young medical doctor-turned-historian decided to write his eyewitness account of the growth of a spectacular movement. In less than 30 years, this fledgling group became a worldwide phenomenon, impacting kings and kingdoms alike.

And in case you’re still wondering, the aforementioned doctor’s name is Luke, his book is “The Acts of the Apostles” and the movement is called the church. Sprinkled throughout the Book of Acts, Dr. Luke repeatedly reminds us of the growth and expansion of the church—orchestrated entirely by the Holy Spirit! It was a GIANT LEAP forward!

Recently BrookLink’s Board of Directors gathered for a few days to do some long-range planning. Part of our time was spent remembering, reflecting and celebrating how God has used BrookLink these past seven years. We recounted numerous ways our steps have been orchestrated by the Holy Spirit, as well as the LEAPS forward these past seven years!

During 2015 BrookLink has equipped church leadership networks across central and southern Africa. We’ve met with national church planting movement leaders impacting the European continent. God opened multiple doors allowing us to minister to displaced refugees fleeing hostile regimes in search of religious freedom. We’ve been enabled to do all this while leading and loving a local congregation of believers right here in good ole Milwaukee.

As our Board processed, prayed and planned, we all had a sense of joyful urgency and expectancy about where God is leading us. We long to be responsive to His leading and surrendered to His voice! In short, we want to be ready for our next LEAP FORWARD.

These next few months I will be completing my Interim role at Meadowbrook Church. Our 2016 calendar is very full and we are starting to book well into 2017 as invitations come our way. As these doors of opportunity swing wide open, I wish to express my gratitude to friends like you who, through your gifts and prayers, make it possible for us to LEAPinto these opportunities. Our desire is that we would follow closely the Lord’s call, always being ready as He enables and empowers.

With you in the adventure,