Dear Praying Friends,

It’s hard to miss the heart-breaking stories of the day-to-day crisis developing across the European Continent regarding the tens of thousands of men, women and children fleeing oppressive regimes. The continent of Europe is facing enormous challenges politically, economically, ethnically, and even spiritually.

For many years, Europe has been known as the post-modern epicenter. Yet today, many experts believe there is a new spirituality emerging out of this post-modern context, and it is potentially favorable for the Christian Gospel. Did you know that church planting is on the rise across many parts of Europe? And a great many of those church plants are sprouting up among the various migrant populations that are flooding the continent.

Terry and I saw firsthand evidence of this new reality on European soil when we visited Athens, Greece in May. We spent an entire week ministering exclusively among displaced Iranians, Afghanis and Syrians longing to learn of Jesus, and eager to draw hope from God’s Word. What oppressive regimes meant for evil, God is using for good by ‘gathering’ those scattered to Himself.

This week I’m traveling to Madrid, Spain. I ‘ve been invited to join key leaders from 20 European nations to spend time trying to understand these new realities we find ourselves facing. It’s called the National Church Planting Process Learning Community. The event is bringing together leaders, thinkers, practitioners and participants to explore how we can collaborate and discover what God wants to do through church planting and mission focused across Europe.

Would you please take a moment even as you read this newsletter to pray for this gathering in Madrid? Call upon God to stir in our hearts renewed compassion for displaced peoples across the world, and renewed vigor and vision to face these challenges with courage, wisdom and grace.

We covet your prayer cover and we are also reminded of your vital partnership with us through your sacrificial and generous financial gifts.

Every blessing,