PLEASE JOIN US: Windows to the World

About 15 years ago I had the privilege of meeting Dr. Nabeel Jabbour at a missions conference in one of our local churches in the Milwaukee area. I was immediately struck by his personal humility, compassion for Muslim people and godly demeanor. Since that initial meeting our relationship has deepened, his books have impacted my thinking and I am very excited that he will be joining us for BrookLink’s 6th Annual Windows to the World event in Milwaukee (April 19th) and Chicago (April 26th).

Nabeel is originally from Lebanon. He lived with his family in Egypt for fifteen years before relocating to Colorado Springs in 1997. Although Dr. Jabbour comes from an Arab Christian background, for the first fifty years of his life, Muslims were his neighbors, teachers, friends, roommates, and students. He holds a doctorate in Islamics, lectures at five seminaries, and is considered by many to be a leading expert on Islamic Fundamentalism. You won’t want to miss hearing Nabeel share his perspective. Come ready to wrestle with some global shifts! Learn more about our upcoming Windows to the World events.

OFF TO ATHENS: May 1-12, 2015

BrookLink has been invited by 222 Ministries to join their team in Athens, Greece. Terry and I, along with our long-time friends Paul and Lisa Sinclair, will equip and empower the 222 Ministries’ workers who minister amidst the soaring refugee population in Greece. Many of these refugees have fled or been forced from their countries because of violent extremist groups like ISIL and others. Thousands of men, women and children are squeezed together in small spaces, undernourished, without medicine or medical staff and without the possibility to go outside.

The four of us go with our “small loaves and fishes” asking God to multiply our efforts as we offer encouragement, share God’s Word and seek to presence Jesus among these dear servants. Please remember to pray for us during these important days!


Summer 2015 will be very full months. We invite you to pray for Lee’s ministry schedule this summer:


Oftentimes when I travel I am keenly aware that I am training and equipping gifted servants of God who take what they have learned and share it with many others through their networks. It’s a wonderful illustration of a multiplier. In many cases, they take the material I present back to places I cannot go, to people I’ll never meet, addressing needs I could never imagine.

BrookLink is able to do this with very modest reserves, no endowment and frequently with little more than a few weeks’ operating budget on hand. Sometimes I wonder how we can do this at all. But time and time again Terry and I witness God’s supply and provision for our needs through faithful supporters like you. Thank you so much for standing by us, for your sacrificial gifts and your constancy in prayer for us!

Every blessing,