Dear Friends,

In just a few days we will roll over our calendars into 2015. And before we do I wanted to write you a quick note for two reasons.

First, it’s probably no surprise to you that many non-profit ministries receive more than a third of their annual income each year in the month of December. BrookLink is no exception.

Presently we need to raise $80,000 to help us meet our 2014 budget and to set us up for the good work we have been invited to do in 2015. Many of you have already responded to our need and I want you to know how grateful we are for your generosity and support.

Perhaps you haven’t had a chance to give during the rush of the season; may I ask that you give a generous gift to BrookLink as the Lord leads you by December 31. Make a Gift today.

The second reason I am writing to you is to say ‘thank you!” for your support this past year. Because of your faithful and generous support during 2014, BrookLink had the opportunity to equip 150 registered church leaders in two cities in China, 80 leaders from the Persian World, 40 church-planters in Uganda, and 50 pastors serving across India.

The impact of BrookLink across the world has exceeded my expectations these past six years. But our story would have unfolded far differently had it not been for the significant involvement of people like you!

You have resourced the global church through your financial gifts, your prayers, your encouragement and your support! But you have also served as partners to me! Thanks so much for acting to meet extraordinary need with extraordinary generosity.

Ever grateful for your partnership,

PS: One of the most moving experiences I had while visiting the Persian world was listening to the testimony of a 71 year-old pastor tell me his story of his 2-year imprisonment and brutal torture for his faith. Today he is exiled from his homeland and serving as a mentor, counselor and encourager to younger pastors who also live in exile.

Your gifts help BrookLink bring needed resources to people like these. Learn how to make a gift that makes a difference.