Partnerships, relationships, friendships are at the core of BrookLink’s ethos. We go, we encourage, meet new believers and renew friendships with people across the world as they invite us to cycle in and out of their lives and ministries.

Reverend Justus Miwanda has been to our home multiple times in the past five years. During one of these visits he invited us to come and serve International Needs Uganda.  It was a welcome invitation and highly anticipated after we heard that Terry and I would be able to travel together.

Flights were booked, bags packed and we adjusted to the instructions that “the modern fashion of women in pants has not reached rural Uganda”.

The bumpy roads leading to Buikwe, east of Kampala passed through beautiful landscapes, green rolling hills covered with banana, palm, tea and sugar cane. It was obvious the reports of rain were accurate.

We discovered a thriving ministry that includes a campus for Makonge Elementary School (864 children/24 teachers), High School (494 students/19 teachers), Vocational School and Church. As Lee and Justus taught the workshop on Church Planting, Terry got to discover some of the ministry outside the Buikwe campus. Wells dug for the community, a school near Lake Victoria, and a medical clinic reaching into the rural villages.

A graduation for 19 students of Trinity Bible School was held on Wednesday afternoon with a special message from Pastor Lee. “Be Faithful, Fruitful and Fulfilled as you remain in the love of Jesus” was the theme and a good reminder to these men and women as they step into ministry equipped to serve Him.