Greetings friends,

It is hard to believe the summer is concluding and the fall season is upon us! 2014 has already proven to be a fruitful year for BrookLink and as we head into these final months, I want to share with you some important developments.

Ugandan Pastor’s Conference – Please pray!
First, on Wednesday, September 10th, Terry and I depart for Kampala, Uganda for ten days. We will join Rev. Justus Miwanda and 60 other Ugandan pastors for a week. I will be teaching pastors and church leaders on church planting and leadership. Terry and I will also have the privilege of visiting the ministry of International Needs-Uganda.

Uganda as a country has seen its fair share of border skirmishes, unrest and political turmoil since its independence from Britain in 1962. During the early years of independence, Christians suffered intense persecution and hostility. Today, however, there is freedom of religion. Since 1986, Uganda has seen extraordinary growth and renewal in the church, as is evident by the strong evangelical presence across the country. Terry and I are looking forward to the opportunity to equip and encourage church leaders in this East African nation. We covet your prayers as we travel in the weeks ahead.

Meadowbrook Church Interim Senior Pastor Role
Second, since BrookLink’s inception, we have subscribed to a simple principle: if we are invited and we are available, we go! This applies not only to overseas opportunities, but domestic ones as well! Last month I shared with you, that Meadowbrook Church has asked me to serve in an interim role while they are without a Senior Pastor. I have agreed to serve as part-time interim senior pastor at Meadowbrook in nearby Wauwatosa, WI beginning this month, and lasting for 12 months. The Meadowbrook elders and I have mutually agreed that BrookLink will continue to be my highest priority even as I serve the local church.

Thank You!
We go, we minister, we teach, we serve and we equip! But more importantly, we realize it is “through God’s mercy we have this ministry” (2 Cor. 4:1) and through His faithful work in you—His people! You have given sacrificially, prayed earnestly and supported us loyally by your friendship!Thank you!

I am deeply grateful for your help in training church leaders all over the world!

Even though I will be serving in a part-time role at Meadowbrook, the ministry of BrookLink will not decrease. In fact, we have already scheduled trips to Congo, South Africa, Greece and Turkey in 2015.  Can I also count on you to help us finish this year in strong fashion?

Would You Make a Year-End Gift?
It would be a huge encouragement if you could give as much as possible to help meet our financial obligations! Between now and the end of the year we need $145,000 to reach our goal!

Your gift enables us to continue to say “YES” to invitations to help train pastors and church leaders in faraway places.

Thank you for giving generously and for praying for the ministry of BrookLink around the world.

Grace to you,