I have just returned from South India where Dave Seemuth and I spent 10 days teaching and empowering Indian students and church leaders at the South Asian Institute for Leadership and Cultural Studies. It was a week full of collaboration, adventures and rewarding conversations!

There is no greater proof of the impact of BrookLink’s ministry than when leaders we have trained in past years return again and again hungry for additional teaching. For instance, meet Nagaraj!

He greeted me the first day of our Pastors Conference in Coimbatore. He had seen my name in the advertisement for the conference and traveled many hours to take advantage of the training. Nagaraj actually translated for me in another city five years ago, has attended previous BrookLink trainings in India, and was back eager to learn more. Today he supervises and oversees pastors in the city of Mysore. He assured me everything we shared would be translated and taught again.

It’s stories like this that inspire us to equip and empower church leaders around the globe. But we are also committed to resourcing churches and ministries right here in our own backyard. Recently the elders of Meadowbrook Church in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, approached me about serving as their Interim Senior Pastor while they conduct the search to fill the full time position. I agreed to consider the role on the condition that the ministry of BrookLink could remain my highest priority. After prayerful consideration and consultation I have accepted their call beginning October 1, 2014. Meadowbrook sent this announcement to their congregation this morning. My commitment includes preaching on Sundays for up to two weekends a month. As you can see, this leaves plenty of room for my travel commitments.

Please join us in praying as BrookLink’s global ministry continues. In just three weeks Terry and I head to Uganda to work alongside Rev. Justus Miwanda. We will be conducting Christian worker and pastoral training. I have also been invited to speak at a Bible school graduation. And it does not stop there! We have accepted invitations for the first half of 2015 to Democratic Republic of Congo, South Africa and Greece. Watch for more details.

Thank you as always for standing with our team! We cannot imagine moving forward to empower leaders without the strong support you offer. As you hear of the troubles around our world, remember to pray for our brothers and sisters serving in difficult places.  Our Heavenly Father hears every prayer.

For the cause of Christ,