Dear BrookLink family of supporters,

When Lee Heyward, the Founder and President of BrookLink asked me to join the board of BrookLink in 2009, I was honored and excited. Little did I know that five years later I would be appointed as the Chairman of the Board. It has been an honor and privilege to work with my fellow Board members and to experience firsthand what the Lord has done through Lee and the ministry of BrookLink worldwide.

In these past five years the Lord has gathered around BrookLink many people who support the ministry through friendship, encouragement, financial support, and, most importantly, through prayer. We thank you!

As you have heard from our regular ministry newsletter, the annual Windows to the World event and our email updates, BrookLink continues to equip and empower pastors from many parts of the globe. Not infrequently, Lee is invited to return to these same places. As BrookLink continues to build these partnerships and relationships, more doors of opportunity open to teach other groups of pastors and church leaders from new parts of the world.

Lee continues to focus on his calling and to lead the ministry forward. The role of the BrookLink Board is to ensure Lee is able to do this, but also to make certain the ministry thrives as a healthy and financially sound organization. Toward this end, I am asking you today to do what Lee may be hesitant to do.

During the summer months, as families enjoy summer vacations the ministry needs of BrookLink continue. We are sending Lee where he is called and we also continue to consider requests for new ministry opportunities. During the summertime, our needs are as great as they are any other time of the year, sometimes greater. I would ask you to remember BrookLink in your prayers and to consider making a financial gift during these summer months.

Some may be in the position to give monthly or make an additional one-time gift. By giving monthly to BrookLink, you make sure Lee can continue to make a commitment to a ministry that is totally reliant on the gifts of God’s people to see men and women across the world equipped for Kingdom ministry.

BrookLink accepts gifts online via credit card donations and automatic electronic fund transfers.  If you would like to make a tax-deductible contribution, please visit the Support page on our website.  Checks can be mailed to:

N105 W20939 Oak Lane
Germantown, WI 53022

Thank you for your continued support and for standing with us in this ministry.

Yours in Christ,

James M. Nelson

Chairman of the Board