Dear friends,

Terry and I have a good friend who is a well-known author, speaker and world traveler. When asked how she manages her hectic schedule, she replies, “I just do the next thing in front of my face.”

Terry and I have added this phrase to our lives, especially when we look at our calendar for 2014. The year has already been full of adventures. Terry spent 20 days in West Africa shepherding a medical team as they set up and dismantled mobile clinics in remote communities. After saying goodbye to the dedicated doctors, pharmacists, nurses and volunteers, a team of contract landscapers arrived to provide clean water access that a Volta community lacked.

While Terry was overseeing medical care and clean water systems, I was deep in China’s interior meeting with church leaders in three cities in Sichuan Province. I learned firsthand the unique challenges and hardships of registered church leaders in the world’s most populated country. As soon as Terry and I were reunited back home in Wisconsin, we welcomed friends from West Africa and Costa Rica.

Spring finally arrived in Milwaukee and I was off again, to Selcuk, Turkey. Lazarus Yegnezer, of 222 Ministries, invited Pastor Keith Doyle and me to join 80 church leaders from the Persian world. We met at a location minutes from the ancient city of Ephesus. It was an unforgettable week as we listened to amazing stories of courageous leaders who have sacrificed much to make Christ known under oppressive regimes back home.

Then we squeezed in some R&R with our family. Terry preached for Mothers Day at one of Northbrook’s granddaughter churches in Kewaskum, WI.

We are turning our attention toward a full summer and fall. Elmbrook Church has invited me to preach three weekends in June. I will return to India in early August, followed by a week in Cape Town in early September.

Terry and I will be together in Entebbe, Uganda, mid-September. We will gather with sixty pastors and church workers for a few days of refreshment and teaching from God’s Word. The conference costs are low because the team there is contributing a sizable amount of money, but we want to help cover the lodging, food, Bibles, and material costs for these pastors. If you are interested in partnering with us toward this effort, please consider sending a financial gift today. The cost for the training in India is $2200, the pastors conference in South Africa will cost $3300, and Uganda’s conference will cost $2000.

As always, we are grateful for your generosity and your prayers. Thank you for joining together with us in the significant tasks ahead.

Yours in the Gospel,