Dear Friends,

Last month I spent 2 weeks in Sichuan Province serving with China Partner. Founded in 1989, China Partner works alongside the “registered churches” of China to train and equip pastors and church leaders to fulfill the Great Commission. It was a privilege to serve with China Partner’s President, Erik Burklin, as well as his sister Linda Pervenecki and translator Teh-An ‘Daniel’ Hsu.

In one location I was invited to speak to the “Youth Group,” which I later found out was comprised of men and women anywhere between ages 21-50 (I almost qualified). Afterwards one of the ‘youth’ approached me and in broken English asked if I would be willing to join him for tea. He took me to a local restaurant, and for two hours we had a delightful conversation concerning the Christian faith. He had heard and learned about Jesus Christ during a recent visit to Canada and wanted to know more about His life, the Bible and what it meant to be a Christ-follower. He is not a follower of Jesus yet, but God is certainly opening his eyes and he is seeking truth. Pray for this young man—his name is Yu.

Next week Pastor Keith Doyle (from Winnetka Bible Church outside Chicago, IL) and I will travel to Turkey to conduct training for church leaders from the Persian World. In alliance with Winnetka Bible Church, BrookLink will train and equip pastors and church leaders who serve in hard and difficult places. I invite you to pray for us as we teach and interact with these servants of Christ during the 5-day conference April 26th-May 1st.

No matter where we find ourselves these days—whether China, Kenya, Germany, a closed country, or even the good ole USA, I am a huge champion of partnership in mission. BrookLink places high value on collaborating with ministries, mission organizations and movements no matter what part of the world we happen to be visiting. I am also well aware that partnerships internationally rarely go very far without partners back home! You have been such to me!

The apostle Paul, writing to believers in Philippi expressed his gratitude to God for their “partnership in the gospel from the first day until now” (Phil 1:4-5). Like Paul, my prayers are full of joy and gratitude to God for you—for your life of faith, for your prayers and for your financial support for BrookLink. Thank you for helping us to equip, empower and release church leaders for greater kingdom impact.

Your partner in the Gospel,