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  • It's Not Just the Brewers Who Win

    Dear Friends,

    Great teams positively influence the community around them. Did you know that in 1954 the Milwaukee Braves became the first team in Major League history to attract 2 million fans? The excitement in Milwaukee has reached fever pitch these past few weeks, as the Brewers compete in the National League Championship Series. Fans remember the many years since 1982 when the team last made it to the World Series, and they watch each at bat with hopeful anticipation. Even if you aren’t from the Milwaukee area, you can relate to this climate of optimism and enthusiasm. 

    Cities that boast a winning team just seem better! Ticket sales are better, business is better, attitudes and moods are better, even the hot dogs taste better. Things aren’t perfect. They’re just—better. When a team is doing well, the city benefits too!

    While witnessing what has been happening in my city, it occurred to me—a team that wins is much like a church that wins. When churches are winning, communities win too! Conversely, when churches are losing, the communities around them miss an opportunity to benefit from them too. 

    That’s why our rallying cry at BrookLink is to strengthen the church—to help the church win! Because when churches are spiritually healthy, the church is better—and so is the community the church is a part of.

    Luke, the writer of Acts, makes this observation:
    “When he (Paul) had preached the gospel to that city and had made many disciples, they returned…strengthening the souls of the disciples, encouraging them to continue in the faith…”Acts 14:21-22 (ESV)

    Paul understood that when you strengthen the souls of disciples, you make a church better. And better churches make better communities. This is why BrookLink is so passionate about strengthening the souls of disciples—the souls of pastors and preachers, leaders and learners. We believe when we coach, mentor, equip and train church leaders, we are helping churches and the communities they are part of to do what they do—better!!

    Several weeks ago, the Brewers announced they have sold their 3 millionth ticket this season. They had 37 sellouts in 2018—a franchise record. The Milwaukee Brewers have loyal supporters, and so does BrookLink. Because of fans like you, BrookLink and its affiliates have traveled on nearly 60 trips to 30 countries, impacting over 5,400 church leaders.  It’s your interest, participation, cheers and support that have enabled us to get this far! Thank you for the role you play in strengthening churches around the world.


    • It's Not Just the Brewers Who Win

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In May 2015 Lee and Terry, along with Paul and Lisa Sinclair, traveled to Athens, Greece. BrookLink was invited by 222 Ministries to teach and train a group of Iranian church leaders as well as the refugee population in Greece. It was an amazing week! Read More about their trip on the blog.

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