Hot Off the Press

Written by Lee Heyward on Monday, 17 November 2014. Posted in Blog

Hot Off the Press

Dear Friends,

From time to time, Terry and I are invited to speak at area churches about the ministry of BrookLink. These occasions never detract from our work internationally with church leaders. In fact, engaging regularly with US churches always affords us opportunity to keep a pulse on the local church, to bring a much-needed global perspective, and to mobilize area churches for cooperative mission.

This month Terry and I met with a delightful group of believers who invited us to come talk about BrookLink. Second Place Church is a six year-old church located in the southwestern suburbs of Chicago (Monee, IL). This mostly under-30 crowd has re-purposed a local warehouse, transforming it into a place of worship. We met men and women joyfully engaging in God’s mission locally and globally.

My talk at Second Place Church was on “Life in High Defi-Mission”, followed by a lively question and answer time. If you have 30 minutes you can watch the video of the sermon on the Sermons & Videos page.

Wauwatosa, Uganda and Beyond

Written by Lee Heyward on Tuesday, 09 September 2014. Posted in Blog

Wauwatosa, Uganda and Beyond

Greetings friends,

It is hard to believe the summer is concluding and the fall season is upon us! 2014 has already proven to be a fruitful year for BrookLink and as we head into these final months, I want to share with you some important developments.

Ugandan Pastor’s Conference – Please pray!
First, on Wednesday, September 10th, Terry and I depart for Kampala, Uganda for ten days. We will join Rev. Justus Miwanda and 60 other Ugandan pastors for a week. I will be teaching pastors and church leaders on church planting and leadership. Terry and I will also have the privilege of visiting the ministry of International Needs-Uganda.

Empower | Ministry Abroad and at Home

Written by Lee Heyward on Tuesday, 19 August 2014. Posted in Blog

Empower | Ministry Abroad and at Home

I have just returned from South India where Dave Seemuth and I spent 10 days teaching and empowering Indian students and church leaders at the South Asian Institute for Leadership and Cultural Studies. It was a week full of collaboration, adventures and rewarding conversations!
There is no greater proof of the impact of BrookLink’s ministry than when leaders we have trained in past years return again and again hungry for additional teaching. For instance, meet Nagaraj!

Lee and Nagaraj
He greeted me the first day of our Pastors Conference in Coimbatore. He had seen my name in the advertisement for the conference and traveled many hours to take advantage of the training. Nagaraj actually translated for me in another city five years ago, has attended previous BrookLink trainings in India, and was back eager to learn more. Today he supervises and oversees pastors in the city of Mysore. He assured me everything we shared would be translated and taught again.

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