You Can Impact the Global Church

Written by Lee Heyward on Wednesday, 15 November 2017. Posted in Blog

Dear Friends,

I’m writing to you today to share two examples of the kind of people BrookLink serves. Some of them minister under threat of punishment or imprisonment. Some labor in the shadow of shady governments or threat of civil unrest. Some are anchors of hope in a sea of poverty. All are hungry for God’s truth, eager to learn and poised to make a difference!

You can help the needs of the global church. The seeds of the Gospel are sprouting all over the globe! The need of the global church is great—to equip, empower and encourage its leaders! And the call of the global church is loud, “Come over and help us!”  (Acts 16:9) Make a gift today to equip those eager to learn God's truth and who are longing to influence their churches and communities.

Last month we were nearing the end of a three-day conference training church leaders in one of China’s eastern provinces. The days were full—speaking through a translator—four times each day and I was dead tired. Soon the team would be returning to our guesthouse, having supper and downloading the day.

Gathering my belongings, I looked up to see a young 20-ish Chinese woman approaching me. She was clutching a small piece of paper in both hands. As she neared, our eyes met and I couldn’t help but notice hers were welling with tears. The Chinese are honorable people and as is their custom, she bowed slightly and presented me with the piece of paper she was carrying. Timidly she said, “Thank-you,” and then hurried away. I was so touched and wanted to share with you the note she gave to me.

Coming Home with Gratitude

Written by Lee Heyward on Wednesday, 01 November 2017. Posted in Blog

Dear Friends,

“Let them give thanks to the Lord for his unfailing love and his wonderful deeds for mankind, for he satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things.” 
Psalm 107: 8-9

The plane ride home was exceptionally long. Lahore, Dubai, Shanghai, Dubai, Chicago with trains, buses, and taxis in between. I had departed Wisconsin on a lingering summer day in early October, and returned to a blustery fall day just a handful of weeks later.  The usually long transition, from a summer to a fall mentality, happened this year in a matter of moments.  As I drew in a few breaths of crisp air and admired the changing color of the leaves on the trees, my posture turned to one of gratitude. 

This time of year can be a “coming home” of sorts.  We are called indoors, drawn to family, cooking warm and heartier meals, watching football games, and trying to slow down the pace after summer.  It can also be a spiritual “coming home”.  A time of reflection and remembrance, a personal recounting of how God has moved in your life and the lives of others.  Psalm 107 reminds us of the way God is ever present through our circumstances, His steadfast love our sustenance and anchor. 

BrookLink is in an intense season of ministry. The time in Pakistan, followed by serving with China Partner in three provinces, was amazing.  Nearly 1,200 Pakistani believers attended this year’s conferences in 2 cities.  These leaders are serving in terribly difficult places and thirst for His word and encouragement in their faith.  Attendees were genuinely absorbed as we moved through leadership messages from the book of 1 Timothy and Titus. Leaders of the Full Gospel Assemblies (FGA) have asked me to consider returning next year to teach.

From the Field | China

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Arrived late last night in Shanghai amidst typhoon conditions. Heading to Wuhan today to join Erik Burklin and the China Partner team that I'll be with these next two weeks. Covet your prayers!


Visited an extraordinary training center for Christian leaders today outside Huangshi. About 100 Chinese church leaders have gathered this week for three days of training. What a privilege to be here and to equip these men and women. In a separate room were 90 younger leaders who have come from all over China to train for 1-2 years in theology, Bible and missions. It was a day full of teaching and training. Tomorrow we go back and continue. Please continue to pray for us.


Full Sail

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Full Sail

Dear Friends,

What do sailing a boat and growing spiritually share in common?

My family spent a portion of every summer vacationing on the coast of North Carolina. My summers were full and never boring. Snorkeling, sailing, fishing and water skiing were included. My father believed it was important for each of his kids to learn to sail a boat. When the winds were light and calm he would strap me into a life jacket, and together we would launch out on the water.

My father taught all of us three basic principles of sailing. The first was: sailing is all about dependency. All the training, effort and experience will do little good if there is no wind. Likewise, spiritual growth is not guaranteed through following techniques or gimmicks, but through daily and conscious reliance and dependence upon the ‘wind’ of God’s Spirit.

Secondly, Dad taught us that sailing is about discernment. Wise sailors look at a body of water and discern which way the wind is blowing. Sailors take note of the sky to discern whether sailing is worth the risk. They know exactly which sails to hoist to catch the wind most effectively. In the same way, spiritual growth requires discernment. Growth happens best when we are intentional about discerning God’s ways, His voice and His wisdom.

Equip | Empower | Release

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Equip | Empower | Release

Dear Friends,        

Last month I spent 2 weeks in Sichuan Province serving with China Partner. Founded in 1989, China Partner works alongside the “registered churches” of China to train and equip pastors and church leaders to fulfill the Great Commission. It was a privilege to serve with China Partner’s President, Erik Burklin, as well as his sister Linda Pervenecki and translator Teh-An ‘Daniel’ Hsu.

From the Field | China

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Day 5-9

From the Field | China

March 2, 2014

It has been several days since I recorded a trip report. The reason for this has been that I’ve been in transit to two cities since I last wrote.

On Thursday, our teaching team boarded the train and took a 2.5-hour train ride from Dazhou to Chengdu. Chengdu is a city of 14 million people and serves as one of the larger cities in Sichuan Province. We arrived in the city, checked into a hotel, and that same afternoon met with the President of the Sichuan Christian Council, along with his Deputy Administrator. Pastor Jia also serves as the Pastor of one of the largest Christian churches in Chengdu.

From the Field | China

Written by Lee Heyward on Saturday, 22 February 2014. Posted in Blog

Day 1-4

From the Field | China

February 22, 2014

Early yesterday, I flew from Shanghai to Chongqing (pronounced Shong-shing). Arguably China’s largest city, Chongqing is inhabited by more people than Shanghai, vying with Mexico City as the world’s most populated city (in excess of 30 million people). As we approached landing, I couldn’t help but notice the low cloud cover, only to realize it wasn’t cloud cover—it was smog.

I had come to Chongqing in order to meet the gentleman who would serve as my translator for week. Daniel was born and raised in Taiwan to Chinese parents. His parents fled during the early 50’s after the birth of the People’s Republic. We boarded a bus at the airport to make the three hour bus ride to Dazhou (pronounced Da-Joe). Daniel was born into a Christian family, eventually making his way to the US to study for his PhD at Purdue University. He spent quite a few years working in the US before he and his wife decided to settle in Honolulu. He now is semi-retired and works part-time for China Partner as translator for their work on the mainland.

Partnering in China

Written by Lee Heyward on Thursday, 20 February 2014. Posted in Blog

Partnering in China

Dearest Friends,

Just a quick note to inform you that today I leave for China for 16 days. I have been invited by China Partner to visit pastors and leaders among the “registered” churches in three cities in Sichuan Province. This will be my first visit into the interior of the mainland.

Pending the availability of reliable Internet access, I hope to be posting updates on our website as well as on Facebook while I’m away. We encourage you to keep abreast of our travels and even better, to pray!

30 Days of Prayer for the Church in China

Written by Lee Heyward on Monday, 20 January 2014. Posted in Blog

30 Days of Prayer for the Church in China

From February 20-March 8, 2014 Lee and a team of four trainers from China Partner will be ministering in Dazhou, Chengdu and Yibin in the Sichuan Province of China. Join us each day in prayer that the Lord would lead their conversations, direct their thoughts, anoint their teaching, grant them patience as well as a servant heart while they meet with and teach key Christian leaders.

30 Days of Prayer for the Church in China

Sponsored by BrookLink
  1. Jan 20: Give thanks for the staggering growth of the Chinese Church from 2.7 million evangelicals in 1975 to over 75 million in 2010.
  2. Jan 21: Praise God for the emergence of many urban churches reaching educated professionals.
  3. Jan 22: Human tragedies like the SARS epidemic (2002), corruption within the government; ideological disillusionment and crass materialism have created spiritual hunger amongst the Chinese people. Pray that many would continue to seek hope and salvation through Christ.
  4. Jan 23: Praise God for the changing attitude and approach toward the Church on the part of the government. The State is recognizing the potential of faith-based organizations to address social ills.
  5. Jan 24: Offer thanksgiving for the increased unity in the Church, There is a growing cooperation and partnership between registered and unregistered churches across China.
  6. Jan 25: Pray that believers might be “sanctified by the truth” (Jn. 17:17), as many Christians and churches succumb to influence from cults and heretical teachings.
  7. Jan 26: Massive urbanization and soaring social problems such as internal migration, family breakdown, suicide, divorce and unbalanced male-female ratios all contribute to higher incidences of human rights abuse. Pray for the church to lead the way in restoring justice.
  8. Jan 27: Repression of minorities and dissidents, systematic violations of the rights to privacy and expression, and a harsh penal code continue to plague China’s political scene. Ask God to give wisdom and boldness to the Church in the face of these realities.
  9. Jan 28: The social ills facing China are great. The church is leading the way in addressing many of these social needs and issues. Pray that the Lord will give favor to the church and the love of Christ will be paramount through these deeds.
  10. Jan 29: Pray for the easing of persecution on religious groups and religious expression.  
  11. Jan 30: Praise God for the growth of Christian media as a means of spreading the Gospel. Pray that many will hear the Gospel through the various media outlets.
  12. Jan 31: The vision to reach unreached minority groups across China is growing. Pray for a missions vision to flourish in the Chinese Church.
  13. Feb 01: With a growing economy comes growing materialism, which affects people’s receptivity to the Gospel. Pray that the Refiner’s fire might keep burning and that the Church’s spiritual edge might not become blunted.
  14. Feb 02: Pray for Lee and a team of four other trainers from China Partner as we minister in Dazhou, Chengdu and Yibin. Pray that the Lord would lead our conversations, direct our thoughts, anoint our teaching, grant us patience and a servant attitude while meeting with key Christian leaders.
  15. Feb 03: Pray that Christ followers working within state structures will walk blamelessly and be a redemptive influence in government and society.
  16. Feb 04: Pray that forms of wickedness might be opposed, that kindness will be shown to the oppressed and that justice will be served to all members of Chinese society.
  17. Feb 05: China performs over 13 million abortions each year. Many infants, if not aborted are horribly abused, abandoned, kidnapped or trafficked. Pray as the Church seeks to reach out to children.
  18. Feb 06: With fewer children available to care for an aging population, and with changes in pensions by the state, the need for elder care in China is staggering. Pray that the Church will play a creative and Christ-honoring role in addressing this need.
  19. Feb 07: Pray for Christians working in the healthcare field as they care for the suffering. Ask God to grant them courage and sensitivity as they speak about the love of Christ. 
  20. Feb 08: Pray for Christian lawyers as they advocate for justice on the part of the ill, infirmed, disabled, vulnerable and helpless populations.
  21. Feb 09: Pray for increased printing and distribution of Bibles and Bible materials.
  22. Feb 10: Lee will be preaching and training in the Three-Self Patriotic Movement and Chinese Council Churches (together they form the only state-recognized Protestant Church within China. Pray for revival and renewal to purify these churches. 
  23. Feb 11: Pray for the future growth of the church, wise and godly leadership and for the sharing of the Gospel with an increasingly interested Chinese population.
  24. Feb 12: Pray for the lost generation in China. These were those exploited by warped ideology during the Cultural Revolution. Today as parents they often spoil or coddle their children to insure opportunities they were denied. Pray they might find hope and peace through Christ.
  25. Feb 13: Children under 15 number almost 300 million in China. Modernization has brought with it juvenile crime, sexual promiscuity, and other struggles for this age group. Pray the Church would intentionally disciple and train up children and youth.
  26. Feb 14: Pray for Christians studying at Chinese Universities. Pray they would be built up in their faith and be fervent witnesses for Christ.
  27. Feb 15: Pray for outreach efforts near university campuses through cafes where students can find Bibles and mingle with Christians.
  28. Feb 16: Pray that the atheistic system promoted throughout the country for so long might continue to be revealed as hollow and deceptive lies.
  29. Feb 17: Pray that a doorway for the evangelization of many unreached peoples might be opened or re-opened in those places where it has been closed for so long.
  30. Feb 18: Pray for Lee and the team as they prepare to make the long journey to China. Pray for strength, health, spiritual and physical vitality, humility and openness to the Spirit’s guidance while they minister.

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