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  • Connecting You to Worldwide Leaders

    Dear Friends,

    “The dire need of the global church is for developing leaders. It’s not just preachers we need to develop. We need to develop leaders just generally for the church.” African Christian

     “We need training for the trainers. We have never done this before.” German Leader

    Can you imagine what it would have been like to hear these words spoken to you? Watch this video to hear these words firsthand. https://youtu.be/vXLw5wA2RCs

    Since 2009 you have been helping send BrookLink to under-served parts of the world to equip church leaders with biblical training. Your gifts have empowered pastors to preach biblical sermons and lead with integrity to build healthier communities of faith. Despite this, there remains a great unanswered need.

    Here are a few examples of how your commitment to BrookLink has impacted the global church around the world.

    Pakistani church leaders have been equipped with biblical tools to lead amidst unrelenting persecution.

    Sudanese church planters have been prepared to plant new churches across their worn-torn, impoverished country.

    European leaders have been coached to minister missionally in thoroughly secularized contexts.

    Chinese men and women have been trained to lead courageously and purposefully in Mainland China.

    • Connecting You to Worldwide Leaders

Trip Photos


In May 2015 Lee and Terry, along with Paul and Lisa Sinclair, traveled to Athens, Greece. BrookLink was invited by 222 Ministries to teach and train a group of Iranian church leaders as well as the refugee population in Greece. It was an amazing week! Read More about their trip on the blog.

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