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    Dear Friends,

    As we’ve shared with you recently, BrookLink’s facilitator team had a summer of extensive travel.  You helped send six members of our training team and affiliates from Europe to Africa to South Asia.  The stories they shared upon their return were inspirational, and we want to share them with you! 

    Dan Greene and his wife, Lynne recently returned from their 20th annual trip to Prague, Czech Republic, where a recent article states that 66% of the Czech people do not believe in God.  Their time included academic teaching, preaching, consulting with church leaders, teaching in local churches, and connecting with good friends.  Two events stood out to Dan. ADKP, a professional organization for Christians integrating faith and psychological practice, planned a conference around his visit, so he could teach and lead in case consultations. In 2000, within the Czech Republic there were zero psychologists who actively integrated faith and practice. Today, there are more than 60 who seek to intentionally and actively integrate their faith in the clinical and academic work.  Second, a celebration recognizing their 20 years of service included a reunion with former faculty and students. Former students are now in faculty and service provider roles while present and former faculty continue to minister in many roles. Dan says, “This was so encouraging to see. The work of BrookLink is impacting this and future generations.”

    Dan & Lynne Green in Prague at ADKP Conference

    Additionally, Paul and Lisa Sinclair just returned from five weeks in India. They traveled through the country, teaching with translators in several complex contexts--working with Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists of different ethnicities and languages. One state, Nagaland, has 16 distinct tribes, but they communicate across with English or like a pidgin Naga-mese. This is a land that is very proud of their ethnic identity and seeks to keep it pure and to separate from mainland India (they don’t refer to themselves as Indian, but as Naga). Interestingly, it is also a culturally Christian land. Even the police have churches!  Lisa and Paul led classes at local bible colleges as well as at Hindustan Bible Institute, the only area offering Doctor of Ministry (graduate level) courses.  Attendees are those who are intended to be future leaders in a local church, denominations and para church movements and are highly mission focused.

    Map of Nagaland

    Lisa commented, “We feel that God has allowed us here ‘for such a time.’ They are facing many challenges now as the world around them changes. But still, they know that their goal to send out 10,000 missionaries by 2025 is now inadequate—more are needed. Nagaland, just a little state in NE India, sees itself as God’s mission tool to the world. Such a privilege to be here! Our students represent many different ministries—women, children, orphanages, hostels, pastors, school and Bible college principals, teachers, etc. It is a wonderful place for BrookLink to work to equip, empower and release!”

    • Stories from Around the World

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Lee and Terry Heyward, along with Paul and Lisa Sinclair, traveled to Athens, Greece. BrookLink was invited by 222 Ministries to teach and train a group of Iranian church leaders as well as the refugee population in Greece. It was an amazing week! Read More about their trip on the blog.

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